Annual Meeting of Stockholders & Proxy Information

Meeting Information

Thursday, April 9, 2020

10:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time

Virtual Meeting
Enter the 16-digit control number included in our notice of internet availability of the proxy materials, on your proxy card or in the instructions that accompanied your proxy materials.

2020 Proxy Materials

Below you will find FuelCell Energy's Proxy statement for its 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders and its 2019 Annual Report. After reviewing these materials, please take time to vote in one of these ways:

1. Vote by Internet: Go to Have your 16-Digit Number when you access the web site and follow the simple instructions.

2. Vote by Telephone: Call toll-free 1-800-690-6903. Have your 16-Digit Control Number when you call and follow the simple instructions.

3. Vote by Mail If you received a proxy card, please vote, sign, date and mail it without delay to ensure timely receipt.


Please note that no business presentation will be made at this meeting, given the recent earnings call presentation provided less than a month ago. We refer you to our most recent 10Q and those earnings call materials, which appear on our website (including a recording of the call). Additionally, there will be no question and answer session. As future business news develops, we will provide updates in accordance with the public disclosure rules of the Securities Exchange Commission.