Why Invest?

Market need: Clean & affordable power that is easy to site, supports economic development, and minimizes ratepayer impact.

FCE solutions: Proprietary power solutions that enable economic prosperity with the clean and affordable supply, recovery and storage of energy.

  • Compelling global market opportunities - solving issues for a variety of stakeholders
  • Diverse revenue streams / Sustainable business model
    • Power plant sale or lease
    • Recurring Services revenue - 20 years or more
    • Sale of electricity / License / Royalty revenue
    • Advanced Technology project revenue
  • Balance sheet supports business model / Access to project capital
  • Global presence - installations and operations on 3 continents
  • Strategic Customers / Global leaders - supports market development
  • Continual power solution with modest footprint that avoids challenges of intermittency
  • Robust intellectual property portfolio - provides a competitive advantage